Our Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves in offering quality service and the highest quality of trees and shrubs available. See what customers are saying about Nature Hills Nursery.

"As I had tried originally to order through (a local) nursery, they were curious about where I had located a supplier. The person who helped me when I took the trees in was very impressed with some type of crystal to hold moisture on the roots. She said that Nature Hills Nursery had done a nice job on packing the root system."
- Pat, CA
"Thank you again for following-up. Companies that follow-up are so few in the landscaping business, I appreciate your professional/customer service philosophy."
- Joyce
"Thank you for your rapid and exemplary resolution to my issue... When I made my first purchase with Nature Hills Nursery, I was leery of the unknown when dealing with a web based company. You have proved that reliability and customer service are still available without the face-to-face interaction that many people rely on. I will be back to make additional purchases and I will refer you to all of my friends. Thanks again"
- Charles, TX
"Thank you very much for your excellent service and for sending the extra trees. I know most companys would not have done this. Thanks again."
- Jeff, MO
"Just wanted to let yo know that the tree arrived right on schedule and is in the ground. Thank you for the prompt service."
- Chet
"I want to thank you for the excellent way you handled my order, sending me proper receipts and notification of when my trees would be delivered by UPS. They arrived today... just as you said. It's unusual these days, particularly on the internet, to get such prompt, honest, efficient service. In the past with other nursery services, even very large ones, I've found it difficult to find out exactly when the order would arrive or if all of it would be included. I've had some stock arrive in such a dry condition none of it lived; sometimes "substitutions" I didn't authorize are sent. Your trees were well packed and damp. Thanks very much."
- Jean, TX
"I received the seedlings (russian olives and lombardy poplars) and saplings (austrian pines) today. they look GREAT! Thanks"
- Anne-Marie
"I would like to tell you I really like your web site. It is user friendly. And the very first time to your site I bought some trees. Thank you for putting it together."
- Gene
"I also want you to know how proud I am that the other 6 trees are doing well. I smiled every time I saw the littlest sign of life in each one of them. That was kind of like watching a baby be born and take life and grow....The green ash seems to be the best producing so far, but the others are doing great also. I'm 46 years old and am just now starting to landscape my property with flowers shrubs and trees. I like your service, and shipping quality was outstanding. I am very surprised at how fast your support is. Thanks for responding so quickly and for standing up to the warranty. That's what will make doing business with you so great!!! Keep up the good work and may your online business be very fruitful!"
- Ronald
"I got the Black Walnut Trees I ordered from you. I am very pleased. They came on the 1st ( as you said they would). I was very surprised with the quality and health of the trees. I have ordered other trees from other places and they did not even compare. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thanks for the great product."
- Chris R
"The blue spruce trees have been planted. I followed the curve of the road and they look great. Thanks."
-J. Hill
"I received my order of blue spruce pine trees on Thursday. They were as nice as you said they were. I’d definitely buy from your company again. Thanks."
-Emery S.
Greensburg, PA
"I just planted my trees and they look great! It was a pleasure speaking with you folks on the phone. I asked a lot of questions and you answered each one very cheerfully. Thank you for the beautiful trees…"
-D.M, Iowa
"I was at first skeptical purchasing bare root trees as I have never seen a bare root tree before. Your prices compared to the local nursery were just too good to pass up so I ordered some Blue Spruces and some Scotch Pines from your website. I figured what the heck, I’m not laying out much money if they don’t grow. Well when the trees arrived I was amazed at the size. Now a few months later I’m more amazed that they are all growing and very healthy. I have recommended your site to many people. Thanks for saving me money!"
-J.C. , SD
"Just a short note to let you know that the 25 River Birch trees I ordered from you arrived and I was very happy with the quality of the trees."
-R.L.W. Washington
"It doesn’t happen often but you folks exceed my expectations and you deserve to know it! The quality was great, the sizes were what you said they would be and you delivered when you said you would."
-M.K., Iowa

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