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The Blaze rose is a low maintenance rose that has pure red flowers. Blaze roses provide continuous bloom through fall.It has a mild fragrance with an average diameter 3". The Blaze...Read More
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Blaze Rose

Price: 19.45

The Blaze rose is a low maintenance rose that has pure red flowers. Blaze roses provide continuous bloom through fall.It has a mild fragrance with an average diameter 3". The Blaze...Read More

Bonica Rose

Price: 19.45

The Bonica rose was voted the World's Favorite Rose in 1997 by the World Federation of Rose Societies, and an All America Winner in 1987.The Bonica deserves the acclaim.Bonica rose...Read More

Compacta Burning Bush

Price: 17.95

The Burning Bush, Euonymus alatus 'Compacta' has an outstanding red fall color. The deep dark red leaves almost glow with color in the fall. The plant is shade tolerant but has inf...Read More

Bursting Heart Burning Bush

Price: 12.80

The Bursting Heart Burning bush, Euonymus americana 'Bursting Heart', is a unique shrub. In the spring and summer this shrub quietly takes the back seat to other seasonal color. Ho...Read More

White Butterfly Bush

Price: 11.10

The White Butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii 'Alba', is easily grown in average, medium wet, well-drained soil in full sun. Even if plants do not die to the ground in winter, they us...Read More

Claret Purple Butterfly Bush

Price: 17.95

The Purple Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii 'ile de France', is a butterfly magnet. This bush flowers summer and fall and is easy to grow. With a name like Butterfly Bush you might...Read More


Price: 11.35

The Buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis, is a rounded, 6 to 8 feet tall and occasionally reaqching 10 to 12 feet tall shrub. It is very open, almost gangly in habit. Flowers are ...Read More

Carefee Delight Rose

Price: 19.45

The Carefree Delight rose is a delightful shrub rose that is very free flowering with vivid pink blooms. It has deep green, glossy leaves with a rich maroon fall color and lots of ...Read More

Carefree Beauty Rose

Price: 19.45

The Carefree Beauty rose has an open bloom and is light Rose Bengal color which ages lighter. The pleasant fragrant flowers are followed by round-ovoid orange hips. the plant is vi...Read More

Knock Out Rose

Price: 19.45

The Knock Out rose is a glowing example of disease resistance at its best. The cycle of bloom and growth provides a continuous show of color from spring until late fall. This maint...Read More

Lagerfeld Rose

Price: 19.45

The Lagerfeld rose is a great exhibition rose with high centered silver/lavender buds. The large flowers expand to 4 to 5 inches and are produced in sprays of 5-15 flowers.Lagerfel...Read More

Seafoam Rose

Price: 19.45

The Seafoam rose is great as a mounding ground cover or small climber. It is very winter hardy, and has good disease tolerance.Seafoam roses have small glossy foliage and white blo...Read More

Chuckles Rose

Price: 19.45

The Chuckles rose is a hardy Canadian-bred shrub that can be grown as a small climber or pruned as a bush. Chuckles roses bloom in clusters.The double fuchsia blooms are 2½" across...Read More

Day Breaker Rose

Price: 19.45

The Day Breaker rose is a floribunda rose and AARS Winner for 2004. The large buds are offset by dark green glossy foliage and are good for cutting. The blending colors of white, a...Read More

Double Delight Rose

Price: 19.45

The Double Delight Rose is a very popular rose with a spicy perfume and big creamy white blooms that are brushed with hot red. This easy to grow, bi-colored Hybrid tea is one that ...Read More

Gertrude Jekyll Rose

Price: 19.45

The Gertrude Jekyll rose has flowers that start as perfect little scrolled buds and soon open into the most beautiful, large, rosette-shaped flowers of rich glowing pink. The growt...Read More

Henry Hudson Rose

Price: 19.45

The Henry Hudson rose is a rugosa hybrid shrub rose that is a very neat and tidy bush that does not overtake it's welcome in the garden bed. The Henry Hudson blooms repeatedly with...Read More

Henry Kelsey CL Rose

Price: 19.45

The Henry Kelsey rose has a trailing and spreading growth habit which is the highlight of this winter hardy rose. The blooms are a medium red color and come in clusters of 9 to 13....Read More

Honey Perfume Rose

Price: 19.45

The Honey Perfume rose has a classic floribunda form and upright habit. The lovely blooms of Honey Perfume roses have earned a place in your garden.It was voted as an AARS Winner f...Read More

Iceburg Rose

Price: 19.45

The Iceberg rose has plenty of long, cool-white buds that open as large, double roses on this Floribunda. The light green glossy foliage makes a perfect backdrop for these clean wh...Read More

False Indigo Indigo Bush

Price: 17.95

The False Indigo Bush, Amorpha fruticosa, is a somewhat leggy shrub, whose height can range from 6 to 20 feet tall,and 5 to 15 feet wide. Fragrant foliage has the compound pinnate ...Read More

Ingrid Bergman Rose

Price: 19.45

The Ingrid Berman rose is a luscious red Hybrid. This tea rose has full, double blooms with a soft velvety texture.Ingrid Berman roses are favorites among gardeners for it's deep r...Read More

Intrigue Rose

Price: 19.45

The Intrigue rose has a scent of lemon that will fill your garden air with this Floribunda. This colorful plum rose is pretty and showy, with attractive glossy green leaves.Intrigu...Read More

John Franklin Rose

Price: 19.45

The John Franklin rose is a compact, bushy shrub with deep red, semi-double flowers that are cupped, fringed and displayed in very large clusters. This is a non-stop bloomer from s...Read More

Just Joey Rose

Price: 19.45

The Just Joey rose has a fruity frangrance which wafts from large ruffled apricot blooms. Thsi superstar rose is from England.Just Joey roses were inducted into the Hall of Fame by...Read More

Memorial Day Rose

Price: 19.45

The Memorial Day rose has long stems, big blooms, and good vase life which has earned this hybrid tea rose a place of fame as an AARS winner for 2004. The rose is vigorous and easy...Read More

Nearly Wild Rose

Price: 19.45

The Hearty Wild rose is a hybrid. It is beautiful and tough. Hearty Wild roses have are a bushy, hardy, and highly attractive shrub that grows 2' to 3' tall.The large, single-form ...Read More

New Dawn Rose

Price: 19.45

The New Dawn rose is a strong grower and is unusually hardy and disease resistant. 'New Dawn' has long been a favorite climber. New Dawn roses have double pink, fragrant flowers t...Read More

Paradise Rose

Price: 19.45

The Paradise rose has unique lavender blooms splashed with magenta. The blooms are perfectly complimented by large, glossy foliage.Its engaging color will enhance the colors in you...Read More

Peace Rose

Price: 19.45

The Peace rose is the world's most famous rose. The brilliant yellow and pink flowering rose was first introduced to the U.S. over fifty years ago. Peace roses are more popular tod...Read More

Playboy Rose

Price: 19.45

The Playboy rose has glossy green foliage, which offsets the large, orange-scarlet semi-double blooms. Playboy roses bloom very profusely and are widely grown.It was a Gold Medal w...Read More

Rambling Red Rose

Price: 19.45

The Rambling Red rose is a fully double rose with rich medium-red blooms borne in clusters on a vigorous, disease-resistant plant. It is a winter hardy climber/rambler with strong ...Read More

Silver Star Rose

Price: 19.45

The Silver Star rose is a strong growing lavender Grandiflora with good disease resistance. Silver Star roses have good plant vigor and disease resistance which set this plant apar...Read More

Common Snowball Bush

Price: 19.95

The Common Snowball Bush, Viburnum opulus, also called the European Cranberry bush produces white flowers in late spring. It is a deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub. In the ...Read More

Spice Bush

Price: 17.95

The Spicebush, Lindera bezoin, is a native deciduous shrub with a broad, rounded habit which typically grows 6-12' high. Clusters of tiny, aromatic, greenish-yellow flowers bloom a...Read More

The Dark Lady Rose

Price: 19.45

The Dark Lady rose has large, loose roses of deep red. Dark Lady roses are strongly fragrant and bloom on plants that have a spreading habit.It has Mid-green foliage and is free fl...Read More

The Fairy Rose

Price: 19.45

The Fairy rose has hundreds of shell pink blooms that appear on a virtually foolproof shrub. It has been popular since 1932. Fariy roses have spreading pyramidal clusters of blooms...Read More

William Baffin Rose

Price: 19.45

The William Baffin rose is a Canadian Explorer rose with glossy light green foliage, blooming from early to mid July until frost. It is an unsented rose which can grow to a height ...Read More

WWII Memorial Rose Rose

Price: 19.45

The World War II rose dispalys a distinctive collaboration of soft white with grey and a tinge of lavender. Worl War II roses have a beautiful exhibition style high centered bud. T...Read More

Zephirine Drouhin Rose

Price: 19.45

The Zephirine Drouhin rose has a fragrance which fills the air with each large bloom. It prospers in alkaline soil, pollution, and shade. It's also a beautiful rose, opening large,...Read More

Compact American Cranberrybush

Price: 17.95

The Compact American Cranberrybush, Viburnum. trilobum 'Alfredo', is native, hardy plant and has edible red fruits in fall, which are great for making jellies (and of course, for b...Read More

Honeycomb Butterfly Bush

Price: 17.95

The Butterfly Bush 'Honeycomb', Buddleia 'Honeycomb', is a beautiful yellowing flowering variety of butterfly bush. This bush flowers summer and fall and is easy to grow. In fact,...Read More

Pink Delight Butterfly Bush

Price: 17.95

The Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight', Buddleia 'Pink Delight', has fragrant, deep pink flowers on a compact growing butterfly bush. The leaves are grayish green to add interest. It is...Read More

Royal Red Butterfly Bush

Price: 17.95

The Butterfly Bush 'Royal Red', Buddleia 'Royal Red', is not quite a true red color, but purple-red flowers are borne on this beautiful upright growing shrub. It is a vigorous grow...Read More

Emerald Gaiety Burning Bush

Price: 17.95

The Euonymus 'Emerald Gaiety', Euonymus f. 'Emerald Gaiety', has deep green leaves edged in sparkling white. The leaves are tinged with pink in winter. This evergreen shrub has a d...Read More

Emerald n Gold Burning Bush

Price: 17.95

The Euonymus 'Emerald 'n Gold', Euonymus f.'Emerald n Gold', is an excellent dwarf evergreen plant. It displays bright variegated green and gold foliage. It is also tolerant of den...Read More

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Price: 17.95

The Butterfly Bush 'Black Knight', Buddleia 'Black Knight', is a vigorous growing shrub that boasts dark purple flower from mid-summer and is a butterfly magnet. This bush flowers ...Read More

White Bouquet Butterfly Bush

Price: 17.95

The Butterfly Bush 'White Bouquet', Buddleia 'White Bouquet', has fragrant, white flower panicles 8-12" long form on this somewhat compact growing butterfly bush. It is a vigorous ...Read More

Bush Bean Trio

Price: 2.69

The Bush Bean Trio, 'Phaseolus vulgaris', is a three-bean "salad" in a packet. This trio of Blue Lake 274, Cherokee Wax, and Purple Queen bush beans is unsurpassed for flavor, pro...Read More

Bonsai Gardening Secrets

Blue Lake 274 Snap Bean Bush

Price: 1.69

The Bean Bush Snap Blue Lake 274, 'Phaseolus vulgaris', is an old time favorite with exceptional Blue Lake flavor. It is noted for retaining excellent flavor and texture as a froze...Read More



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