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Dwarf Mondo Grass

Price: 13.45

Dwarf Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon japonicus, is an ornamental grass which grows to 4" in height and is closely related to the liriope. It is also known as Dwarf Lilyturf, Mondo Grass D...Read More

Halliana Japanese Honeysuckle

Price: 13.45

Japanese Honeysuckle 'Halliana', Lonicera japonica 'Halliana', is the most commonly seen Honeysuckle and is also known as Hall's Honeysuckle. It has whitish-yellow flowers with a d...Read More

Japanese Spurge

Price: 13.45

The Japanese Spurge plant, Pachysandra terminalis, and also known as Pachysandra, is a shrubby, evergreen ground cover which grows 8-12" high and spreads by rhizomes to form a dens...Read More

Green Carpet Japanese Spurge

Price: 13.45

Japanese Spurge 'Green Carpet', Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet', is an old-time ground cover plant that grows to 6-8" high with versatile uses. This evergreen is self-sustain...Read More

Silveredge Japanese Spurge

Price: 13.45

The Japanese Spurge 'Silveredge', Pachysandra terminalis 'Silver Edge', has thin silver-white margins, hence the name 'Silveredge.' This plant is a slower growing variegated form o...Read More


Price: 13.45

Liriope, Liriope muscari, is also commonly called border grass and is not actually a grass but a member of the lily family, a fact that inspires another of its common names, Lilytu...Read More


Price: 13.45

The Periwinkle, Vinca minor, is also known as Trailing Myrtle, Dwarf Periwinkle and Creeping Myrtle. This species of Periwinkle is one of the most popular and widely used ground co...Read More

Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus

Price: 13.45

The Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus, Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus', also known as Wintercreeper and Wintercreeper Eunonymus, is a dense, woody-stemmed, broadleaf evergreen plant whic...Read More

Virginia Creeper

Price: 13.45

The Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is a fast-growing, high-climbing vine that attaches itself with tendrils which expand, disk-like, on their tips. The deciduous le...Read More

Barren Strawberry

Price: 13.45

The Barren Strawberry', also known as Waldsteinia ternata, is a wonderful ground cover that grows in full sun to part shade and prefers normal to sandy soils. It has dark, dense, e...Read More

Chameleon Plant

Price: 13.45

The Houttuynia ‘Chameleon Plant’, Houttuynia cordata, is one of the most popular ground covers around. Small white flowers appear from July to August, but sometimes hard to see bec...Read More

Creeping Wirevine

Price: 15.45

The Creeping Wire vine, Muehlenbeckia, is a vine with strongly rooting and densely intertwining stems. The roughly circular leaves are 1cm across and the white, strongly scented fl...Read More

Big Ears Lambs Ears

Price: 13.45

The Stachys ‘Big Ears Lamb’s Ear’, Stachys byzantina 'Helen von Stein', is known for its soft, fuzzy, silvery green foliage. With spikes of purplish pink small flowers, it has a wo...Read More

Beacon Silver Lamium

Price: 13.45

The Lamium ‘Beacon Silver’, Lamium maculatum, has beautiful oval, gray-green to silvery-white leaves with greenish margins. The short spiked clear, pale pink flowers make it a wond...Read More

Golden Anniversary Lamium

Price: 13.45

The Lamiun, 'Golden Anniversary', Lamium maculatum, is a handsome variety without becoming invasive. The pretty pink flowers are almost eclipsed by the brilliance of the golden var...Read More

Orchid Frost Lamium

Price: 13.45

The Lamium 'Orchid Frost', Lamium maculatum, has beautiful oval, silvery edges and bluish green foliage. The short spiked clear, pale pink flowers make it a wonderful ground cover....Read More

Pink Pewter Lamium

Price: 13.45

The Lamium ‘Pink Pewter’, Lamium maculatum, has a beautiful display of dark green, silvery leaves with white centers. The short spiked salmon pink flowers make it a wonderful groun...Read More

White Nancy Lamium

Price: 13.45

The Lamium 'White Nancy', Lamium maculatum, has beautiful oval, variegated silvery-white leaves with greenish margins. The short spiked white flowers make it a wonderful ground cov...Read More

Big Blue Liriope

Price: 13.45

The Liriope 'Big Blue', Lirope muscari 'Big Blue', also known as Lirope,is a grass-like foliage set with tall spikes of lavender-blue, hyacinth-like blooms in late summer.The Lirop...Read More

Spicata Liriope

Price: 13.45

The Liriope, 'Spicata', also known as Lirope, is an almost indestructible plant for stubborn areas. Liriope gracefully fills those spots where nothing else will grow. Large, pale l...Read More

Variegated Liriope

Price: 13.45

The Liriope 'Variegated', Lirope muscari 'Variegata', also known as Lirope variegated lily-turf, is as it's name implies, a variegated border grass. The grassy foliage is edged wit...Read More

Golden Moneywort

Price: 13.45

The Lysimachia ‘Golden Moneywort’, Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea', also known as Creeping Jenny, has dime sized, wonderful evergreen and yellow veined foliage with bright yellow blo...Read More

Goldilocks Moneywort

Price: 15.45

The Moneywort 'Goldilocks', Lysimachia nummularia, also known as Creeping Jenny, displays trailing discs of greenish gold that turn-bright yellow in sun. An attention-getting groun...Read More

Oriental Limelight

Price: 15.45

The 'Oriental Limelight', Artemisia Hybrid, is a tall grower that's great in large containers. The mounding self-branching habit makes 'Oriental Limelight' an ideal companion for m...Read More

Illmuniation Periwinkle

Price: 13.45

The Vinca Minor 'Illumination', produces near continuous foliage changes. Spring growth emerges chartreuse then brightens to golden yellow. Each yellow leaf is edged with a grass g...Read More

Wojos Gem Periwinkle

Price: 13.45

The Periwinkle 'Wojo's Gem', Vinca Major 'Wojo's Gem', is a new selection of trailing vinca with creamy yellow centers edged and flecked with dark green. It is idstinct from Vinca ...Read More

Candy Stripe Phlox

Price: 14.45

The Phlox ‘Candy Stripe’, Phlox subulata, is an ideal ground cover with masses of tiny white flowers with a pink mid-stripe and a thick mat of semi-evergreen foliage. Blooming from...Read More

Emerald Blue Phlox

Price: 14.45

The Phlox ‘Emerald Blue’, Phlox subulata, is an ideal ground cover with dark blue flowers and a thick mat of semi-evergreen foliage. Blooming from April to May, it has a plant heig...Read More

Buttered Popcorn Ranunculus

Price: 16.45

The Buttered Popcorn', Ranunculus repens, is a great ground cover that vigorously spreads to 4'. Its broad finley cut leaves are silvery-green with a variegated chartreuse edge. It...Read More

Silver Brocade

Price: 15.45

The Artemisia ‘Silver Brocade’, Artemisia stelleriana, is a compact, silver-white, wooly perennial with a plant spread of 24-30” and a height of 15”. ‘Silver Brocade’ produces yell...Read More

Silver Mound

Price: 15.45

The Artemisia ‘Silver Mound’, Artemisia schmidtiana, is a wonderful soft, silky, silver-gray accent that is useful in many gardens. ‘Silver Mound’ is a non-spreader and produces sm...Read More

Bigleaf Periwinkle

Price: 13.45

The Bigleaf Periwinkle, Vinca major, is also known as Greater (rosy) Periwinkle, Big Perwinkle and Large Periwinkle. The plant is shrub-like and grows to 12" tall with trailing asc...Read More



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