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The Magic Of Orchids

5 Favorite Flowers

Price: 3.95

Large packet includes one packet each of the following: Red Poppy,Cosmos,Black-eyed Susan,Shasta Daisy,Lupine...Read More

5 Favorite SunFlowers

Price: 3.95

Great garden sunflowers--five different, all excellent for cutting, all easy to grow. Colors range from gold to crimson. Large packet includes one packet each of the following: Gar...Read More

Dried Flowers

Price: 3.95

This packet offers favorites for dried arrangements. Large packet includes one packet each of the following: Strawflowers,Larkspur,Yarrow,Wheat...Read More

Kids Butterfly Kit

Price: 3.95

Large packet includes: 5 Packets of flower seed,Booklet of fun facts,Butterflies to look for,Coloring by number...Read More

Kids Hummingbird Kit

Price: 3.95

He'll visit you for real with this great kit! It helps kids learn, along with the "magic" of growing flowers for the first time. Scroll down for details. Kit includes individual pa...Read More

Kitty Cat Garden

Price: 3.95

Large packet includes one packet each of the following: Catnip,Oats,Rye Grass,Lettuce,Wheat...Read More

Lovers Garden

Price: 3.95

New! This packet (on the reverse) explains the legends of love attached to some of our most popular wildflowers. Large packet includes one packet each of the following: Black-eyed ...Read More

Native Wildflowers

Price: 3.95

Large packet includes one packet each of the following: Echinacea,Blue Flax,Sunflower,Cal. Poppy,Indian Blanket...Read More

Windowsill Herbs

Price: 3.95

Large packet includes complete instructions and one packet each of the following: Dill,Basil,Coriander,Chives,Parsley...Read More

How-to Create your own Wildflower Meadow Video

Price: 7.95

How-To video. American Meadows' own 30-minute, step-by-step video: "How to Create your own Wildflower Meadow." All you need to know from site preparation, sowing, and care of seedl...Read More

Hummingbird Garden

Price: 3.95

Ounce packet contains the following: Over 10,000 flower seeds,16 different flowers,Plants up to 100 squre feet....Read More

Seeds from Santa

Price: 3.95

Ounce packet contains "Santa's Favorite Flowers", really our North American Mix of 27 annuals and perennial flowers. Great for any gardener....Read More

Songbird Garden

Price: 3.95

Contains 10 quick-bloom annuals and 5 favorite perennials. You'll enjoy cosmos, plains coreopsis, cornflower (a big birdseed favorite)wild baby's breath, wild sunflower (another so...Read More

Tulip Topper

Price: 3.95

Our own Tulip Topper keeps your bulb beds in bloom all summer. We invented this garden which is simply a special flower seed mix made to scatter over tulips and daffodil bulbs, eit...Read More

Midwest Mix

Price: 6.95

For IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, OH, WI. This premium mixture features our famous native prairie wildflowers, and has been used by homeowners and commercial planters all ove...Read More

Northeast Mix

Price: 6.95

For CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, WV. This famous mix has been refined and improved every year since we began in 1981. Literally hundreds of thousands of homeowners a...Read More

Pacific NW Mix

Price: 6.95

For Northern CA, Western OR, WA. This premium mixture is blended to take advantage of the wet coastal climate of this region, which is a natural garden for wildflowers. Many of the...Read More

Southeast Mix

Price: 6.95

For AL, AR, DC, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA. A premium blend of Southern favorites has made this mix a big success all over the southeast. Geared to the varied soils and long gr...Read More

Southwest Mix

Price: 6.95

For AZ, Southern CA, NM, Southern NV, TX, OK. This mixture is specially blended to handle the variable climates of the southwest, from long droughts to soaking rains. Results are p...Read More

Western Mix

Price: 6.95

For CO, UT, MT, ID, WY, NV, ND, SD, Eastern OR and WA. A special blend of wildflowers that can handle the mountainous west’s variable climate, rainfall and altitude have made this ...Read More

American Flag

Price: 0.79

Great for Memorial Day, Flag Day, the 4th of July, Election Campaigns, and Friends in the Military. These patriotic packets are standard seed packet size, 4 1/2" x 3 1/4", and fill...Read More

Babys Breath

Price: 0.79

This is the annual version of the florist's favorite, commonly used with roses.This baby's breath is single, with larger single flowers. It is one of the quickest blooming flowers ...Read More

Daisy Favor

Price: 0.79

He loves me, he loves me not. Great for showers, weddings, and any festive event, these beautiful packets feature one of the world's favorite flowers.Seed inside is the Shasta Dais...Read More

Sunflower Favor

Price: 0.79

Everybody's favorite fast-growing flower, this garden giant sunflower will be up and standing tall in no time. These beautiful packets make a lovely sunny favor for any event or ma...Read More

Wildflower Favor

Price: 0.79

One of our most popular choices. Soft artwork of well-known wildflowers on near-square mini-packet in full color. Packets are 3 1/2" high by 2 3/4" wide.Seed inside is mixture of w...Read More

Wildflower Full Size

Price: 0.79

A meadow in full bloom! This new standard size seed packet features a sunfilled photo of bright red poppies, lush blue cornflowers and more. Great for any occasion, party, meeting ...Read More

All Annual Mix

Price: 5.95

Our Famous All-Annual Mixture is the one that makes most customers and clients, literally, "go wild." This rich mix of 23 spectacular wildflowers gives any planting a "look-at-me" ...Read More

All Perennial Mix

Price: 5.95

This premium mix is a blend of 19 sturdy wild perennials from daisies, black-eyed susans, and lupines to penstemon, mexican hat, and of course, purple coneflower. This is the mix f...Read More

Butterfly Mix

Price: 5.95

This is a specially designed mixture of 16+ easy-to-grow wildflowers that butterflies and hummingbirds love. The mix includes both wild annuals and perennials, so bloom will begin ...Read More

Drought Tolerant Mix

Price: 5.95

This proven mixture offers full flower color and a great spread of species for places with little rainfall, or those areas that are difficult to water. Like any seed, this drought-...Read More

Low Grow Mix

Price: 5.95

For colorful displays that stay short—mostly knee-high or below, this mixture of self-sowing annuals and one recurring perennial (Johnny Jump-up), is hard to beat. Often used as ed...Read More

Partial Shade Mix

Price: 5.95

This mixture is a premium blend proven in areas that receive a minimum of 4 hours of sun a day. It contains 25 shade-tolerant species including foxglove, wallflower, viola, dame's ...Read More

Basket of Gold Alyssum

Price: 1.59

The Alyssum Basket of Gold Compacta, 'Aurina saxatilis', is a wonderful water-wise groundcover with dense clusters of golden-yellow spring flowers. This special dwarf variety of Ba...Read More

Oriental Nights Alyssum

Price: 1.69

The Alyssum Sweet Oriental Nights, 'Lobularia maritima', displays tiny, rich, solid, deep purple flowers that make this low ground cover a delight. It is a wonderful annual ground ...Read More

Rosie Oday Alyssum

Price: 1.69

The Alyssum Sweet Rosie ODay, 'Tpomoea purpurea', displays rose-pink blossoms on low, compact plants. This sweetly scented Alyssum is covered with tiny rose-pink flowers that form ...Read More

Tiny Tim Alyssum

Price: 1.59

The Alyssum Sweet Tiny Tim, 'Lobularia maritima procumbens', is superior to Carpet of Snow alyssum. The dense, compact dwarf plant never needs to be sheared. It is a wonderful annu...Read More

Armeria Formosa

Price: 1.89

The Armeria Formosa Pinkball Thrift, 'Arneria pseudarmeria ( formosa)', is like the common Sea Thrift, but bigger and it is a hardy perennial.. The Pinkball Thrift displays 1 to 2 ...Read More

Dwarf Milady Aster

Price: 2.39

The Aster Dwarf Milady, 'Callistephus chinensis', is a wonderful dwarf aster with big flowers. The Dwarf Milady adds a cornucopia of color to your garden. It is very heat resistant...Read More

Tall Matsumoto Aster

Price: 2.99

The Aster Tall Matsumoto, 'Callistephus chinensis', is a florist quality cut flower variety with tall, strong stems and an unusual bi-color flower with a yellow center. This Aster ...Read More

Covent White Babys Breath

Price: 1.59

The Baby's Breath Covent White, 'Gypsophila elegans 'Covent White', has graceful, airy flowers that are used for contrast in cut flower bouquets. The contast they add to large, col...Read More

Black Magic Bachelor Button

Price: 1.59

The Bachelor Button Black Magic, 'Centaurea cyanus', has a black (deep maroon) flower that will combine magically with 'Blue Boy' Bachelor Boby or tall Cosmos. The Bachelor Button ...Read More

Blue Boy Bachelor Button

Price: 1.59

The Bachelor Button Blue Boy, 'Centaurea cyanus', displays sky blue flowers that are attractive as cut or dried flowers. The Bachelor Button Blue Boy, also known as Cornflower, has...Read More

Sweet Sultan Bachelor Button

Price: 1.89

The Bachelor Button Sweet Sultan Imperialis, 'Centaurea (Amberboa) moschata', is a deliciously fragrant and an absolutely splendid cut flower. If you like cut flowers, you must gro...Read More

Tall Blend Bachelor Button

Price: 1.59

The Bachelor Button Tall Blend, 'Centaurea cyanus', is a carefree annual that adds vertical interest and an array of colors to your garden. The Bachelor Button, also known as Cornf...Read More

Pastel Blend Balloon Flower

Price: 2.39

The Balloon Flower Pastel Blend, 'Platycodon grandiflorus', displays fascinating inflated buds that open to reveal star-shaped flowers. The flowers are 2 to 3 inches across. The un...Read More

Dotted Mint Bee Balm

Price: 2.69

The Bee Balm Dotted Mint, 'Monarda lambada', is a variety of Bee Balm that has a unique and dramatic flower cluster. To protest tea taxes, the original colonists drank Bee Balm tea...Read More

Acaulis Bellflower

Price: 1.89

The Bellflower Clustered Acaulis, 'Campanula glomerata 'Acaulis', is the perfect perennial for edging paths and borders. It is called Clustered Bellflower because of the tightly c...Read More

Canterbury Bells Bellflower

Price: 1.59

The Canterbury Bells Bellflower, 'Campanula medium', has tall flower spikes with elegant, bell shaped flowers that will remind you of a storybook English cottage garden. This elega...Read More

Bells of Ireland

Price: 1.69

The Bells of Ireland, 'Moluccella laevis', has tall spikes of apple-green "bells" that are perfect for the back of a border. Not only Irish eyes will smile at this unusual plant. I...Read More

White Lace Bishops Flower

Price: 1.59

The Bishops Flower White Lace, 'Ammi majus L.', has delicate white flowers that will lend a lacy, airy look to your garden. This is your flower if you want the wonderful look of Qu...Read More



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