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Classic Roses Playing Cards

Price: 5.99

This pack contains 54 of some of the best known and loved varieties of Roses found in the world today. The beauty is eloquently depicted on each card.All rose enthusiasts are sure to find some of their favorites and possibly discover other varieties....Read More

Cobblestone Mold

Price: 18.99

Create your own stone walkway or lay your own patio in just an afternoon. In three simple steps you can create a cobblestone.Pour quick-set concrete into the mold on a relatively flat surface. Smooth with a trowel. Wait one minute, lift the mold and ...Read More

Cottage Garden Playing Cards

Price: 5.99

This pack consists of 54 varieties of enchanting flowers found in the English cottage garden. A great gift idea for the avid gardener or plant historian. Each plant has the Common and Latin names printed on the card, an excellent educational tool....Read More

Flexible Tool Rack

Price: 19.99

Keep all of your tools organized with the new Toolflex System. The tool holder can withstand high weight loads and fits both round and angular handles.Holders are made of sturdy ABS plastic and thick gripping weather resistant quality rubber. Made of...Read More

Garden Tool Set

Price: 16.99

Gardening has never been easier when you use this durable tool set.This set is designed to offer comfort along with durability at a low cost. Made from cast aluminum polished smooth with rubberized grips for comfort and control.The tools are 12” in o...Read More

Gro and Show Kit

Price: 15.99

A perfect “impulse gift” and a must for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Secretary’s Day. The real beauty of this little wonder is that ANYONE can make a great little centerpiece with this beautifully hand crafted vase.With this vase, the flowers ar...Read More

Haven Bird Feeder

Price: 39.99

One of the best selling bird feeders ever! Attract more songbirds by not having pesky squirrels hang on the feeder hour after hour.Metal trays, cap, ports and base are rustproof and impervious to squirrel damage, designed for durability. Holds up to ...Read More

Kenkel Nut Cracker

Price: 49.99

This nutcracker is built to last a lifetime, designed to crack even the toughest hard shell nuts! Each nutcracker is assembled by hand of solid steel and plated to resist rust. A simple turn of the knob adjusts the nutcracker to the general size of t...Read More

Poetry Stones

Price: 44.99

Create your own personalized decorative borders, stepping-stones or garden labels with this unique kit. The creative possibilities are endless, from poetic borders to personalized stepping-stones for your backyard.Mix up some concrete, put it into on...Read More

Trees Playing Cards

Price: 5.99

These trees are some of the oldest and largest living things on our earth. The pictures include a close-up of the leaf of 54 different species, together with a flower or fruit.This pack is very useful with tree identification, as well as lovely to lo...Read More

Wild Flowers Playing Cards

Price: 5.99

This beautiful pack of playing cards contains 54 different full color illustrations of wild flowers.A great gift idea for all nature lovers and garden enthusiast. Each card was beautifully designed to capture the vivid colors of each flower in the se...Read More

Backyard Composter

Price: 74.99

Produce nutrient-rich compost for your flowers and vegetables with this patented design.A large lid on top for large loads along with 2 flip-up hinged doors for kitchen scraps and vent design promotes bio-degradation without nasty odors and lower doo...Read More



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