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Buy Coreopsis - American Dream at Nursery Plants
Coreopsis rosea
Clematis - Ernest Markham
Kims Knee High Coneflower
Verbena Patio Temari - Red
Sedum - Purple Emperor
Peony - Pink
Hibiscus - Eruption
Hibiscus - Fireball
Coreopsis - Pink
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Daylily - Strawberry Candy
Dianthus - Double Spotty
Astilbe - Montgomery
Astilbe - Rheinland
Bee Balm - Gardenview Scarlet
Lobelia - Qu. Victoria Cardinal Flow
Diascia - Red Ace
Bee Balm - Petite Wonder
Lobelia - Royal Fushia
Verbena pedula Superbena - Pink Shades
Dianthus - Rubys Tuesday
Diascia - Trailing Red
Gaura - Siskiyou Pink
Canna - Heather Queen
Geranium - Pink
Hibiscus - Pink Clouds
Oregano - Rosenkuppel
Sedum - Autumn Joy
Verbena Babylon - Neon Rose
Verbena Tukana - Scarlet
Geum - Mrs. Bradshaw
Coneflower - Magnus
Verbena Patio Temari - Rose
Sedum - Vera Jameson
Peony - Red
Coral Bells - Snow Angel
Verbena pedula Superbena - Coral Red
Ice Plant - Hardy
Daylily - Cathrine Woodbury
Dianthus - Baths Pink
Aster - Woods Blue
Verbena Tapien - Pink
Astilbe - Sprite
Turtlehead - Pink
Heucherella - Burnished Bronze
Diascia - Strawberry Sundae
Bee Balm - Raspberry Wine
Scabiosa - Pink Mist
Verbena Tapestry - Light Pink
Dianthus - Tiroler
Gaillardia - Burgunder
Hibiscus - Dreamcatcher
Clematis - Carnaby
Geranium - Tiny Monster
Hibiscus - Robert Fleming
Scabiosa - Pink Passion
Sedum - Elizabeth Red Carpet
Verbena Babylon - Pink
Veronica - Red Fox Speedwell
Hibiscus - Torchy
Sedum - Matrona
Verbena pedula Superbena - Burgandy
Penstemon - Prairie Splendor
Coral Bells - Amber Waves
Coral Bells - Strawberry Swirls
Coreopsis - Limerock Passions
Iris - Ann Chowning
Daylily - Pardon Me
Dianthus - Blushing Maidens
Astilbe - Fanal
Dianthus - Firewitch
Astilbe - Visions
Bee Balm - Marshall Delight
Heucherella - Dayglow Pink
Diascia - Trailing Antique Rose
Bergenia - Pig Squeak
Verbena Temari - Bright Pink
Dianthus - Mountain Mist
Dianthus - Zing Rose
Verbena Tapestry - Pink
Dianthus - Frosty Fire
Geranium - Bertie Crug
Hibiscus - Lady Baltimore
Hibiscus - Royal Gems
Scabiosa - Samanthas Pink
Sedum - Frosty Morn
Verbena Babylon - Red
Yarrow - Paprika
Niobe Clematis
Verbena Patio Temari - Hot Pink
Sedum - Neon
Penstemon - Red Rocks
Coral Bells - Amethyst Myst
Coreopsis - American Dream
Coreopsis - Limerock Ruby
Thyme - Mother of Thyme
Aster - Alma Potschke
Dianthus - Cinnamon Red Hots
Tiarella - Spring Symphony
Diascia - Hannah Rose
Balloon Flower - Shell Pink
Diascia - Little Charmer
Hibiscus - Aquarian
Bee Balm - Petite Delight
Geranium - Ann Thompson
Yarrow - Appleblossom
Dianthus - Rosie Cheeks
Diascia - Appleblossom
Gateway Joe-Pye Weed
Dianthus - Miss Pinky
Geranium - Patricia
Hibiscus - Lord Baltimore
Lungwort - Raspberry Splash
Sea Thrift - Splendins
Verbena Babylon - Deep Pink
Verbena Tukana - Salmon


Coreopsis - American Dream Facts

Mature Height
15 inches
Soil Type
normal, sandy, clay
Mature Spread
18-23 inches
Flower Color
light pink
Mature Form
Foliage Color
deep green
Growth Rate
Fall Color
Sun Exposure
full sun
Moisture Requirements
About the Coreopsis - American Dream :

The Coreopsis ‘American Dream’, Coreopsis rosea, has a rosy pink daisy-like flower with a yellow center. In the Tickseed family, the dark green fernlike, thin and delicate foliage makes a great contrast to any garden. Blooming from June to October, ‘American Dream’ stands at 15” tall and a plant spread of 18-24”. ‘American Dream’ should be planted in full sun.

It is drought-tolerant and tough but does need well-drained soil. It should be cut backing early and late summer to extend the bloom period. Coreopsis ‘American Dream’ looks great with any type of grass, in borders or mass plantings in sunny gardens. It is very effective in naturalized areas, rock and cottage gardens, ground cover or wild gardens. No garden should be without it.

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Click here to buy   $15.95 each



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